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issue 1

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The Economist Style Guide

Training Bulletin Issue 1

This is the first issue of an occasional bulletin to keep you abreast of training opportunities that can increase your range of writing skills and help your personal and career development.

Courses in business writing

Do you feel confident when writing an important business document, letter or email? Would you or someone you know benefit from training in these areas?

For full course outlines, visit

Courses for authors of technical material

If writing technical material is part of your job and you’ve had little or no training then check out these courses:

For full course outlines, visit

Coming soon… management and personal development courses

Look out for the next bulletin when we’ll give you details of courses covering time management, interviewing/staff reviewing skills, effective meetings, presentation skills and lots more!

When, where and how much

The courses are held in Newbury and the West Midlands. For dates and venues please visit

The standard price is £395 + VAT per person.

!!! SPECIAL OFFER !!! If three or more people book any of our courses before the end of January then one extra person can attend for free!

How do I book?

To book, call Abi on 01235 60 30 22 ext 28 or book online by clicking on

Editor recommends

The Economist Style Guide

Magazines, newspapers, book publishers and professional writers use style guides to make sure their writing conforms to good grammar and usage. One of the very best is issued online by The Economist magazine – and is written in a light and humorous tone. Check it out at:

Note: The Economist also offers an expanded hardback version of the Style Guide (cover price £16.99), which comes equally highly recommended. It is available at a number of bookshops, including Amazon.