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BASDELL Business Writing Model Self-study

Structuring & Writing Reports

Structuring & Writing Reports Self-study

Writing a Compelling Business Case

Writing Technical Documents & Reports

Business and Report Writing for Managers Course – Outline

Business-critical decisions are often based on reports that companies commission from the people who know their business best – their own management staff. It takes a lot of skill to communicate important financial or business information efficiently and accurately at this level. A major part of many managers' roles is writing the reports that enable the business to run effectively.

By the time managers reach these levels of seniority, they may have considerable experience. But they can still benefit from report writing training that ensures they are using current best practice, and the opportunity to share ideas with colleagues.

This business writing course has been designed to build on the skills of senior managers who create key documents which will support management reporting or decision-making.

What you will learn on this course

By the end of the course, you will know how to:

Is this course right for me?

Plain Words offers three standard report writing courses:

All three courses address some similar concepts, but the content is pitched differently for each of the intended audiences to take into account their different levels of experience and the documents they write.

What our customers say

“I enjoyed the course session. Guilia is a super facilitator and she delivered the session brilliantly. We had a very interactive session- I liked how she used my original writing and different perspectives from different sectors to demonstrate the writing framework. I have learned many tips and had aha! moments.”

Brenda Akwanyi, ENN

“Excellent course with lots of good examples.”

Shaun Holden, Balfour Beatty Capital

“I think nearly all of my colleagues would benefit from this course.”

Nick Clements, Medical Protection Society

“It was a one-day course so inevitably there was not a great deal of time for practical exercises. However, the practical content was useful and helped to reinforce the understanding of the principles taught.”

Glenda Terry, Leicester Money Advice UK

“An excellent course, very well presented and with excellent resources for future reference – Thank you!”

Jo Poulton, Darent Valley Hospital

How we deliver the business and report writing for managers course

It is available as a one or two-day tutor-led Virtual Classroom.

For a private course, choose from

Business and Report Writing for Managers Course – Core Modules

1. A framework for success

Pre-Course Questionnaire

When you book we send you a questionnaire which we ask you to return to us before you attend the course. This enables our Trainers to assess your needs in advance.

2. Understanding your brief

3. Analysing your audience

4. Designing your structure

5. Creating your executive summary

6. Developing your style

Want Something a Little Different?

Give us a call today and we will tailor a course to suit you!

7. Making your arguments persuasive

8. Drafting and polishing your words

Business and Report Writing for Managers Course – Supplementary Modules

9. Writing SMART recommendations

10. Writing policies, processes and procedures

11. Creating professional emails

12. Write winning bids

13. When words are not enough

14. Crafting presentations that work

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