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Plain Words – the Documentation and Training People

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Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)

Many of our clients have recently switched to VCT as a safer, more practical training solution in the current circumstances. The content, level of detail and delivery are identical to our face to face courses.

Staff can log in from home or from the office. Course materials are sent to you as PDFs and include our usual exercises and any additional content such as templates. For a small extra charge we can:

Our approach

You still get all the benefits of attending a Plain Words course:

We can also tailor the course by:

Key benefits of VCT

What do I need?

To achieve good interactivity between the delegates and the trainer it’s vital that every delegate has:

You also need a way to talk and listen. Options are:

Enquire about a training course Now!

For more details you can enquire about a public course, enquire about a private course, call us on +44 (0)1235 60 30 22 or email .

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