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Plain Words - the Documentation and Training People

Plain Words - the Documentation and Training People

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Private Training Course Delivery

Our Approach to Training Course Delivery

One of our major strengths is that all Plain Words trainers are business and technical writers as well as training professionals, rather than teachers who have moved into the private sector. This means that:

In addition, before the course we are happy to:

When delivering the course we usually use a mixture of slides, 'chalk and talk', exercises (both practical and written) and group discussions.

Training courses customised to your needs

We have a full range of writing skills courses covering every type of business document. By selecting modules from our standard courses and supplementing or customising them where required we can easily create a course that meets your needs exactly. The benefit of this approach is two-fold:

Pre training and post training evaluations

The benefits of training can be difficult to assess, which is why we've developed a quantitative evaluation system. It combines an evaluation tool, using best practice evaluators, and the expertise of our own writers and trainers to assess improvement.

We analyse the material produced by delegates before and after training. We provide you with a graph showing individual and overall improvement in ten key skills.

Post training follow up session

To make sure valuable lessons transfer to the workplace you can book a follow on session after the course. Delegates can discuss with the trainer how they have implemented what they have learnt, go over points from the course and practise their skills by working on their own writing with the trainer’s help:

Optionally the trainer can assess a two to three page sample of the delegate’s writing before the mentoring and provide a short report for each delegate after the mentoring.

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