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Plain Words - the Documentation and Training People

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Follow-Up Training

Get more out of your training budget by making sure that training sticks!

Your training budget will go further if delegates put into practice the new ideas they have learned rather than slipping back into their old ways. And if you encourage them to share those ideas with colleagues, everyone else in the office can benefit too.

Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure that staff who go on training courses retain and implement new ideas.

Training follow-up session

Our trainer will come back to your office and run a follow-up session for half a day or a whole day, whichever is best for you. It can be an informal recap with the original group, comprising mainly discussions, exercises and working on their own samples. Alternatively we can have half hour, one to one sessions with each delegate.

Either way, the delegates get:

Personal Implementation Plans

Plain Words offers personal implementation plans for all delegates to complete during training. The plan allows delegates to record ideas in such a way that they can be easily applied to their day to day work. All too often good ideas can be forgotten once you’re back at your desk. This plan is a reminder of what you’ve learnt and what you need to do to implement it.

Pre- and post-course evaluations

The benefits of training can be difficult to measure but it’s reassuring to know that Plain Words has devised a simple but effective way for you to measure ROI (return on investment). By analysing the samples of writing produced by delegates before and after training we can show you how each delegate has improved as a result of the training. As well as individual profiles we can also provide comparative profiles for the whole group.

For more information on follow-up training or evaluations please call +(44) 01235 60 30 22 or email .

Also, for more ideas to make training stick take a look at our six point plan here

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