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How we delivered business writing training to a major retailer

Maintaining the top position in a highly competitive sector for over a century is only achievable through offering the best service in the world.

This client's ability to offer such a service, to international clients with extremely high expectations, depends on many factors, including its image and the skills of its staff. Since many staff work directly with customers, as well as with suppliers and a wide range of other stakeholders, their ability to communicate effectively in writing is critical.

The client: internationally renowned retailer

The client's main store is a top tourist destination and has over 300 departments, offering almost every product or service its highly demanding clients might require. It has kept this high status by positioning itself at the luxury end of the market, and by constantly innovating.

Part of its image comes from a strongly defined voice and brand, which it adheres to consistently in all marketing and written communications.

The goal: developing and retaining highly skilled staff

The company's ethos is to promote from within and to develop staff through an extensive internal training programme. With a strong focus on its retail core business, the majority of staff are customer-facing so must at all times uphold the client's brand, image and voice. They work in a very busy, rapidly evolving and often high pressure environment.

To match an international client base, and to ensure they only hire the best, the client employs staff from a wide range of cultural and language backgrounds. Once trained, they are highly sought after, so ongoing development and good promotional opportunities help to retain them.

The solution: an agile response in tailoring courses to meet rapidly evolving challenges

We have trained over 250 staff in the seven years since starting to work with this client. As the retail environment faces new challenges regularly, we have evolved our offering to meet their needs. Over the years this has included:

The result: ongoing liaison and training provision

We continue to work regularly with this client as our long relationship with them means we understand their company culture and can quickly respond to their requirements. Their need to respond to changing requirements in their sector and to keep both new and existing staff at peak performance mean a frequent and timely ability to provide training is essential. They know they can call us at short notice and we will arrange sessions that provide what they want, where and when they need it.

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