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“My work involves very complicated budget processing for the accounting of feature-film location spend. We contacted Peter to help design a spreadsheet that would do much of the work for us, as well as automatically offering summaries and conclusions that provided full data analyses at the push of a button. What we ended up with was nothing short of a genius tool that was heralded by all those that saw it – from Producers to Financial Controllers, it was applauded across the board. 5 big stars!”

Jonah C, Freelance Supervising Location Manager, Feature Film Industry UK

“I have been CFO of many companies in my career and I always used to think I was pretty competent with Excel. But I am an amateur compared to Peter Meherne. His deep knowledge of the product and his ability to really understand the problem is second to none. He has been immensely helpful in providing technical assistance when I was trying to develop a very complex spreadsheet. I can highly recommend Peter as a very skilled and competent professional.”

Julian C, Sefton LLC

“I had a requirement to produce a professional and high quality Microsoft Word template for the business. This had to be of the highest quality, as it will be used for customer facing documents, and importantly these documents would be presented to new customers, and we know how important it is to make good first impressions! The final output exceeded expectations, and how we go there was a painless and professional experience – Peter walked us through the options, often highlighting issues and decisions that we had not considered.”

Mark F, TFM Networks

“This database produces the catalogues so fast and swiftly it has impressed every one that I had demonstrated it to, including our top level management.”

Louis L, MEI

“Very professional approach, fully met requirements. Delivered to time and cost.”

Pete R, AWE

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