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Training Bulletin Issue 66

The PC-est Monkey in the Jungle

High street chain H&M recently created uproar by putting on its website pictures of two young boys modelling hoodies. The one with the slogan 'Coolest Monkey in the Jungle' was modelled by a black child and 'Mangrove Jungle Survival Expert' by a white one. At time of writing, the social media storm is still raging and we don't wish to contribute to it. However, it does make a vivid example of the tightrope any organisation has to walk when trying to avoid offending people.

The moving target

What is acceptable wording? Unfortunately, this changes as a term previously considered more acceptable than the word it replaced gradually becomes tainted. The word 'crippled' was replaced by 'handicapped', then 'disabled', then 'differently-abled'. 'Ms' was introduced as an alternative to the sexist 'Miss' and 'Mrs' but now there are people who object to it on the grounds that it is outdated and not gender-neutral. Daily Mail: Councillor loses battle. Teenagers calling someone 'special' are using it as an insult. You can offend people both by saying 'Happy Christmas' and 'Happy Holidays'.

So what's the magic answer?

Sorry, there isn't one. The Daily Mail, not entirely seriously, came up with an A-Z of PC usage which only serves to illustrate how hard it is to get things right. And even when you try to do the right thing, you risk stroppy comments from the type of person who can't think of the phrase 'political correctness' without adding 'gone mad'.

This doesn't absolve us from all responsibility though. Few people intentionally try to offend their staff, clients and customers, so there are some things you can do to avoid egregious insults.

Instead of this Try this
Each user should update his or her profile regularly Users should update their profiles regularly
Mums or dads Parents

Men or women People
This area is a minefield… This area is problematic or challenging…
Winners or losers Participants or players
Right-hand man Chief assistant
Mother tongue Native tongue
Sportsmanship Fairness
Workmanlike Efficient
Man the desk Staff the desk

Clearly, this list doesn't address every conceivable problem – even if that were possible, what is acceptable today might not be tomorrow. Other things you should consider include:

If you get it wrong…

Finally, if, despite your best intentions, some form of communication does result in accusations of racism, sexism, ageism and so on, be ready to apologise and retract the offending item. Look at the wording of the apology – this can sometimes be tactless and actually make things worse:

'We are sorry if this has offended…' implies that you don't necessarily feel people should have been offended.

'We are sorry that this has offended…' is just a change of one little word but it shows you are prepared to own the problem.

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