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Plain Words - the Documentation and Training People

Plain Words – the Documentation and Training People

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Do you find yourself checking and re-checking when writing emails or reports because you’re not sure if the sentences sound right? Do you avoid using punctuation because you are confused about where it’s supposed to go? You aren't the only one – there was a period during which schools did not teach grammar or punctuation in detail, leaving many of us insecure about what’s correct and needing to improve our English. It doesn’t help that business usage has also changed over the years, especially in punctuation.

Unfortunately, people judge negatively if they see mistakes in your writing. But you can improve your grammar and punctuation in a few hours with a training course that focuses on some of the most common mistakes.

This course covers some of the things you may have forgotten, or were never taught. Our quick overview of the core concepts of grammar, punctuation and sentence building will increase your confidence and speed by helping you to recognise and avoid many frequent errors.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask the trainer questions about any additional aspects of grammar and punctuation that you are unsure of.

What you will learn on this grammar training course

By the end of the course you will be able to:

How we deliver the Sharpen up your grammar course

It is available as a half-day private tutor-led course at your premises.

Private courses at your premises

We adopt a flexible approach so that even our standard courses are tailored to your needs. Our trainers are all professional writers as well as experienced trainers. They use their judgment on the day to adjust the content and pace of the course so that delegates get the training that is right for them. This is done by:

We can also further adapt the course by:

Course Contents

1. Grammar – the building blocks of a sentence