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How to Write Executive Summaries – Training Course Outline

Most people will tell you that the purpose of an executive summary is to encapsulate your whole idea in just 250 words. And that's where they go wrong...

It’s actually all about creating that right first impression. The job of the executive or management summary is to sell, not to describe. You need to convey the essence and energy of your idea – and you have about 30 seconds to grab your readers’ interest.

The executive summary should be the best-written and most polished piece of the document. This is because many readers may only look at the executive summary when deciding whether or not to read the entire bid, business case or report.

Given how important your summary is, don't risk leaving it to chance. Training in writing executive or management summaries will show you how you can clearly demonstrate your ideas and strategy, in the section of your proposal you can be sure your audience will read.

What you will learn on this executive summary training course

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

How we deliver the How to Write Executive Summaries course

It is available as a one-day private tutor-led course at your premises.

Private courses at your premises

Delegates practise writing executive summaries, learning the techniques through group discussion, exercises and working on real documents you bring on the day.

We adopt a flexible approach so that even our standard courses are tailored to your needs. Our trainers are all professional writers as well as experienced trainers. They use their judgment on the day to adjust the content and pace of the course so that delegates get the training that is right for them. This is done by:

We can also further adapt the course by:

Course Contents

1. Starting off on the right foot

Pre-Course Questionnaire

When you book we send you a questionnaire which we ask you to return to us before you attend the course. This enables our Trainers to assess your needs in advance.

2. Thinking about your readers

3. Structuring the executive summary

Want Something a Little Different?

Give us a call today and we will tailor a course to suit you!

4. Making your writing persuasive

5. Creating the right first impression

6. What about graphics?

7. Giving it that final polish

8. Case study

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