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Plain Words – the Documentation and Training People

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Effective Email: Email Training Course

You write emails on a daily basis but do they always get the results you want?
Are some of your email habits working against you? Most of us now spend a significant part of our working day dealing with emails, but email often makes work rather than helps getting it done. Despite being such an important part of work, very few people receive formal email training.

In our Email Masterclass you will learn the seven principles that make email work. This includes how to address and sign off emails, organise your content and consider your audience, to make sure you get the best results from the emails you send. We discuss things that can affect the tone of your emails, and what to do if an interchange is becoming heated.

We also touch on technical issues to help you make the most of your email software, but the course does not cover specific use of email software in detail.

What you will learn on this email training course

During this course, you will cover:

What our customers say

“I feel the course has highlighted errors I make every day in emails and has developed my skills to overcome these.”

DT, John Wiley

“The course leader was very engaging, charming and understanding. She knew the material very well and drew on personal experiences and anecdotes for clear examples.”

MB, Harrods

“Excellent course, great trainer: friendly, relaxed, engaging.”

MDT, Perform Group

How we deliver the email training course

It is available as a half-day private tutor-led course at your premises.

Private courses at your premises

We adopt a flexible approach so that even our standard courses are tailored to your needs. Our trainers are all professional writers as well as experienced trainers. They use their judgment on the day to adjust the content and pace of the course so that delegates get the training that is right for them. This is done by:

We can also further adapt the course by:

Email Training Course Contents


Principle 1. Get to the point