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Plain Words – the Documentation and Training People

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Effective Business Writing – Business Writing Course Outline

Most people write business documents on a daily basis: emails, reports, meeting summaries, minutes or other business correspondence. Learn how to create business documents in Plain English that say what you mean and achieve the results you want. This document writing training course not only covers the basics of how to improve your writing skills but also how to achieve the right result from your written correspondence.

What you will learn on this business writing course

By the end of the course, you will know how to:

What our customers say

“I was very impressed with Giulia. She was very knowledgeable and presented in a friendly yet precise style. The course content was excellent.”

KA, George Wimpey Plc.

“Very useful and excellent documentation.”

SR, Accenture

“The course was interactive and the examples were relevant. The module on passive vs active was particularly helpful.”

RB, Tenon Group plc

How we deliver the business writing course

It is available as a one or two-day tutor-led Virtual Classroom.

Choose from:

Business Writing Course Contents

Core content you will cover on a one-day intensive course

1. General principles of business writing

2. Good writing techniques for business correspondence

Pre-Course Questionnaire

When you book we send you a questionnaire which we ask you to return to us before you attend the course. This enables our Trainers to assess your needs in advance.

3. Writing emails

4. Writing reports

5. Writing agendas, minutes or meeting summaries

Want Something a Little Different?

Give us a call today and we will tailor a course to suit you!

6. Editing your work

Supplementary content you will cover on a two-day interactive workshop

7. The BASDELL business writing model

8. Managing emails

9. Gathering and sifting information

10. Writing letters

11. Avoiding common problems with grammar and punctuation

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For more details you can enquire about a public course, enquire about a private course, call us on +44 (0)1235 60 30 22 or email .

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