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Plain Words - the Documentation and Training People

Plain Words - the Documentation and Training People

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Janet Basdell – Founder and Director

Janet Basdell

Janet is a highly experienced technical author. Before starting Plain Words she was involved in all aspects of documentation production as an author, editor, translator and documentation manager. She also taught English as a foreign language to both adults and children.

She explains how Plain Words was named:

“My inspiration was Sir Ernest Gowers' classic book Plain Words. It was first published in 1948 and has never been out of print, although its title has changed slightly over the years and it's had several revisions. The original book was written as part of a Civil Service campaign to improve clarity, precision and brevity of official English. It's a witty and engaging read and the message is as relevant today as it was then.”

Plain Words began as a technical writing consultancy. This quickly expanded into recruitment of documentation professionals for a huge variety of organisations in many different industries. Latterly the focus has been on providing business and writing skills training to the public and private sector. Janet provides creative input to all aspects of the business.

“Plain Words' aim is to show organisations that business and technical writing that is simple, clear and concise will save you time and enhance your image.”

More of the Management Team

Peter Meherne

Peter has a wealth of experience as a systems analyst, project manager, IT trainer and course developer.

Alison Reeves

Senior Consultant and Project Manager. Alison's expertise includes developing on-line help systems, writing user guides and producing training course material.

Iain Harrison

Web Manager. Iain is an experienced technical author, web designer and developer. He looks after our web sites as well as developing useable and effective sites for clients.

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