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Words of Wisdom from Samuel Johnson

Training Bulletin Issue 4

Welcome to the fourth issue of The Training Bulletin. In this issue we look at some words of wisdom from Dr Samuel Johnson, and software tools to improve your writing.

‘What is written without effort is, in general, read without pleasure.’

Samuel Johnson, who was often referred to as ‘Doctor Johnson’, was a literary giant of the 18th century. He is, in fact, the second most quoted person in the English language, after Shakespeare. He was not only an essayist but also a lexicographer, poet, editor, critic and orator. It’s not surprising then that many of his quotes referred to the written word. What’s interesting is that his words are as true now as they were when he penned them.

Very little we write in business is really read with pleasure but the principle of striving to get it right is one we shouldn’t ignore. And never more so than when you’re putting forward a business case or bidding for work. But we all know that it’s hard to write well and persuasively when you’re up against tight deadlines and stiff competition. Learning the techniques from experts will not only speed up the process but also achieve the right results – bids that win. And that’s something that will put a smile on your face, never mind the reader’s!

StyleWriter by Editor Software

According to the Good Software Guide, “StyleWriter acts as a professional editor for anyone who needs to write reports, proposals or press releases. For writing punchy, effective, communicative text, even with your own whimsical style, look no further.” Those of you who are looking for something more than a grammar checker may like to give StyleWriter a try. It trims excess words, simplifies and clarifies writing style and checks for good English usage. You can download a demo copy from the website. The cost to buy the full product is £110 + VAT.

Don’t forget your free £100 Amazon voucher with P3

P3 is the Plain Points Plan. Every time you attend a Plain Words course you gain 25 points. If you recommend a colleague you earn 15 points when he or she attends a course. Once you have accumulated 100 points you will receive an Amazon voucher worth £100!

When, where and how much

Our courses are held in Newbury, Wolverhampton and London. For dates and venues see the schedule page.

The price is £395 + VAT per person for a one-day intensive course and £770 + VAT for a two-day workshop.

We also offer private courses at your premises. Please call 01235 60 30 22 for details.

How do I book?

To book, call Abi on 01235 60 30 22 ext 28 or use the booking form.

Editor recommends

If you’ re interested in using quotes from the prolific Dr Johnson in your writing, this website describes itself as the most comprehensive collection of Samuel Johnson quotations on the web. You can search for quotes by an alphabetical list of topics or by keywords. They also have a quote of the week and top 20 quotes of the month!