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Media & Public Relations

Getting quoted regularly in the media goes a long way towards building a brand, but there’s a right and wrong way of approaching the press. You can send out stock press releases headed “For Immediate Release”, which is what most PR agencies do. The truth is, journalists and editors very rarely respond to this approach (e-mails get deleted and faxes get binned).

We can show you how to make the press sit up and listen. First of all, you need a good story and you need to know how to deal with the media.

If, on the other hand, your organisation is getting bad press, then crisis management tactics need to be used. A good way to put a positive spin on a negative event (like a drop in share prices) or a negative news story is to put out human-interest stories about your organisation. Give yourself a human face, and people will rally behind you. They will be supportive rather than condemning. This is a very powerful form of damage limitation as it “reframes” public opinion in your favour (very important in national and local politics, for example).

Sales Collateral

The kind of impression you make as a company is built up by all the documentation you produce: brochures, web sites, press releases, marketing datasheets, case studies, company magazines—all contribute to your corporate image.

But each of these needs a different style, length and level of detail, according to the target audience. At the same time each must be consistent and be very clear in the messages it is attempting to convey.

Outsourcing creation of your sales collateral is a good investment. We can:

Company Newsletters/Ezines

Publishing a monthly or 2-weekly newsletter is a sure fire way to position yourself as a leading information resource (which brings prestige and media interest). But, again, this only works if you do it the right way. It is an indirect form of marketing, which means you must take care not to “blow your own trumpet”. Instead, you take a more subtle approach and provide useful information, much like a newsstand magazine, but on a smaller scale.

The great strength of company newsletters is they keep you in the minds of your customers and clients. They are far less likely to forget about you or opt for another supplier if they are reminded of you on a regular basis.

Because you will be offering quality content, your approach will not be seen as “in your face”. Surprisingly, many smaller businesses have generated large turnovers using this method. Yet many larger firms have not yet cottoned on to the selling potential of company newsletters. Or, if they do publish one, it usually isn’t optimised to sell either directly or indirectly (we can help you with this).

A Wide Range of Other Services

Not only do we offer specialist writing services, but also a wide range of other complementary services.

Graphic Design

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Printing & Publishing

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Localisation & Translation

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Information Design

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PR & copywriting services

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