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Email Writing Essentials Webinar

Would you expect to spend half or more of your working day doing something you’d never been trained in? Most business communication these days is done by email but hardly anyone has ever been trained in how to do it and many companies have no policies or guidelines on how it should or should not be used.

This one-hour interactive webinar covers six principles to make email work better for you and your colleagues.

Each participant receives a guide that contains valuable information to help you apply what you have learnt to your writing. It also contains exercises, complete with model answers to inspire you.

By the end of this webinar, you will know how to:

1. How do people read email?

Understanding this means you can craft your emails to make sure they go to the top of your recipient’s priority list. Make the subject line work for you and structure your content to make it easy for readers to respond.

2. Good practice in email usage

Is your organisation following the conventions that are emerging as email best practice? What legal pitfalls can arise from poorly considered email? What is the best tone for emails that represent your business?

3. Getting out from under the mountain

Some hints to diminish the email mountain? Ways to avoid both receiving and sending unnecessary emails. How to work more effectively with the ones that you do receive, and how to stop them from encroaching on the rest of your working day.

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