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one in a million

MEI logoSince February 1999 we have provided documentation services to Mars Electronics International. MEI, part of Mars Inc. is a market leader in Electronic Automated Payment Systems.

A recent project enabled MEI to easily create their spares catalogues for distributors and resellers in a total of six languages, using Sterling and Euro pricing.

We designed and created an Access database which stores all the product details, with prices, conversion rates, and translation strings. The data is exported to Word files, and a set of automated VBA code inserts all relevant graphics, and formats the catalogue. From this PDF files are generated for printing and distribution.

With many hundreds of spares, multiple languages and currencies, the catalogues used to take 8 weeks per language to prepare. The new system enables MEI to create and distribute their catalogues in less than a day.

MEI‘s Technical Documentation Manager says:

“The results of having an automated spares catalogue production was never thought of until I spoke to Mr Peter Meherne of Plain Words who proved that this was possible. Automation in the production of our spares catalogues is definitely the way forward.

This database produces the catalogues so fast and swiftly it has impressed every one that I had demonstrated it to, including our top level management. This tool has now given us the foundation to maintain and distribute catalogues more frequently, standardising the format across all language variants. It has saved us a lot of time and money. Due to these advantages I will be implementing it in all our other main offices.

Plain Words supported me through the project with professionalism and pizzazz. There was no hesitation when a cry of help was needed, Plain Words were always on hand. Most issues were resolved over the phone but some required a visit from Plain Words. What can I say about Plain Words? They are one in a million, best company we have ever used and can highly recommend them for any solution”

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