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Plain Words – the Documentation and Training People

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Business Writing Essentials Webinar

This live and interactive webinar lasts 60 minutes so it’s easy to fit this into your working day. Without leaving your desk you’ll be able to engage with an expert in better business writing from the UK’s leader in this field.

Each participant receives a guide that contains valuable information to help you apply what you have learnt to your writing. It also contains exercises, complete with model answers to inspire you.

By the end of this webinar, you will know how to:

1. Delivering what your readers want

There are many ways to write a document and a common mistake is to write for yourself and not for your reader. You will learn the questions to ask yourself to make sure that your words are pitched correctly for your reader, whether they are native English speakers or not.

Learning to put your readers first means you will produce text that is positive and dynamic rather than distant or aloof. By focusing on your audience you will write more clearly and directly.

2. Writing clearly and quickly

You will see why people prefer to deal with shorter documents, shorter paragraphs and shorter sentences. We show you the right way to cut up information for easier understanding.

You will also learn to avoid jargon and overly technical language and write in a style that is interesting and conversational. You will see how your choice of words affects the tone of your document.

It can be hard to see unnecessary words in your own writing. We show you how to spot waffle and padding and get rid of it. You will learn simple techniques to help you tighten and focus any document you create.

3. Keeping it lively and engaging

We show you how to identify and avoid the passive voice which gives your documents an aloof, distant tone. You’ll see how changing from passive to active voice makes your writing clearer, livelier and more engaging for your reader.

Documents that look structured are easier to read – even when they are not well written! Learn how good layout and navigation aids, like bullets and headings, draw the reader to essential information and give your document a structure that makes it easy to follow.

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